I’m grateful and excited to share with you a new website for Crystal Shrine, designed and created by Christian Westphal.

Christian also created the imagery for the home page, and I feel that he intuitively tapped into the music of Crystal Shrine to create an image that helps communicate the sound and ideas behind the music. From our initial discussions and throughout the entire design process, it was apparent that the process is important to Christian and that he’s interested in exploring different ideas and directions together.

Christian’s collaborative work style matches his aesthetic combinations of images into new thoughts and ideas. It was inspiring to see how his creative process works and I believe his unique perspective is an asset to the Memphis art and graphic design community. I’m excited to share with you the results of months of work and am already looking forward to future projects and opportunities to collaborate with Christian again.

Check out his work at xianwest.studio
and follow him on Instagram @xianwest